Tips & Tricks

Welcome to the CUCaTS Puzzlehunt website! We hope that the website is mostly self-explanatory, but below you can find some tips on both how to play the game and best use the website.

Contacting us

  • If in any doubt, contact the executive committee.
    • If you're logged in and playing, then you should find a direct link (zomg halp) at the bottom of the puzzlehunt page.
    • If you're logged in, you can also go to the chat and talk to the admins.
    • If all else fails, you can find more contact details here

Mobile, Apps, etc

  • You should hopefully find the website works reasonably well on mobile.
  • If you're running a recent enough version of iOS or Android, you might be able to install the apps for the puzzlehunt and chat.
    • For the main app, go to the homepage and add the website to your home screen. On iPhone, this can be found in the 'share' menu. On Android Chrome, I believe you will be automatically prompted to do so.
    • You may also want to separately install the chat app. Go to chat and follow the same procedure.
    • You may need to login again for each app.
  • If on desktop, you can also install apps by using Chrome. Simply click on the settings icon (top right) and click 'install'.
  • On desktop, you can also try the (experimental) HUD view.
    • This gives you a facebook-like view in which you can open multiple chat windows side by side at the bottom of the page.
    • You can also minimise them by clicking on their bottom bars.
    • You should be able to navigate within the site without losing your windows.
  • Please note that all of the above are somewhat experimental; if they don't work as expected, you should try using the desktop version instead.

Logging in and accounts

  • The first thing you should do to play the puzzlehunt is to login.

    • Click here or go to any page that needs you to be logged in.
    • The best way to play is through your raven account, but you can also create a 'local' puzzlehunt-only account if you like.
    • To register a local account, just pick your desired username and password. You will then be prompted to confirm your username and password, as well as solve a captcha (ranging from easy to hard! if too hard, try refreshing a few times...)
  • You can pick a nickname, and change it at any time, if you don't like your username.


  • Now that you're all signed up, it's time to play!
  • We encourage you to make use of Google or any other resources, we only ask that you don't try to break our website! Checking the source code is also discouraged (and will never be needed to solve a puzzle).
  • First, make your way to the current puzzlehunt. You will need to create or join a team first (see later section).
  • If you're early, the hunt will not have started yet.
    • The banner at the top will tell you how long left before the hunt starts.
    • After it starts, the banner will tell you how long is left of the hunt.
  • When the hunt starts, you will see a grid of puzzles.
    • Only the first row will be available, click on each and have a think.
    • Puzzles may rely on logic, maths, programming, trivia, exploring the real world, and more!
    • You should discuss puzzles with your team, but be careful not to say anything to the Global chat!
  • When you think you've solved a puzzle, enter the solution (most puzzles will have a simple textbox).
    • Some puzzles may require the solution to be entered in a specific way, so pay attention to capitalisation and spaces!
  • If you get stuck, let us know.
    • At certain points in the game, we will try to give out hints.

Chat and Announcements

  • You should refresh the hunt periodically, as we may issue announcements at the top of the page. These may include...
    • Details of locations and times for midnight pizza and the post-hunt dinner/drinks.
    • Puzzle hints and clues.
  • You should also check the chat.
    • The puzzlehunt has a chat system that you should make use of.
    • You should have three chat groups:
      • Team: this is between you and your team-mates
      • Admin: this is where your team can talk to the admins
      • Global: talk to everyone - we may make some important announcements here too.


  • When you go to the puzzlehunt, you'll need to create or join a team.

    • If your other team mates have already created a team, they should possess a secret key. Get this key from them and enter it into the box to join the team.
    • Alternatively, you can create a team by simply picking your desired team name.
      • If you're struggling, you can leave it blank for now and a random name will be generated for you.
      • You can change this name at any time.
  • To manage your team, simply go to the teams page.

    • Here, you can rename your team if you wish.
    • If you're worried that your secret is no longer secret, you can click 'New secret' to freshen it up and stop others from joining.
    • If you have fallen out with your other team mates, you can also leave your team.
    • Lastly, if something catastrophic seems to have gone wrong, let the admins know and we should be able to sort it out.