Bygone Committees

  • 2012: bjw45, js485, ms900, sp590, tb403
  • 2013: ???
  • 2014: as2193, aw570, djjb2, neb30, sm966
  • 2015: ahe29, as2193, aw570, djjb2, neb30, sd660, sm966, twdl3, waamm2
  • 2016: ahe29, as2193, aw570, djjb2, gs481, jhw51, neb30, sd660, sm966, twdl3, waamm2
  • 2017: ahe29, as2193, aw570, bw375, dhlv2, djjb2, neb30, pr374, rjw57, sd660, sm966, twdl3
  • 2018: ahe29, da441, dhlv2, djjb2, eb677, neb30, sd660

Disclaimer: The above list is not guaranteed to be complete or accurate

Security Researchers

  • sd660: typo, acks ~ s/Find/Found/
  • eb677: typo, sed_expr ~ s/f/F/g

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